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Find the best quality at the best price in haberdashery products. Velcro, bieses, trimmings, zipper rolls, embroidered strips, buttons ...

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  • Abalorios


  • Needles


    <p><span>We have the best variety of needles for sewing. Flat needles for sewing machine of different brands and sizes. Singer, Prym, Outus, Alfa, Organ, Schmetz ... We also have white brand sewing machine needles at a price without competition.</span></p>
  • Alamares


    <p>Thermoadhesive sticker withBuy alamares online at the best price. Type of closure (such as a button) with drawstring or trimmings used as a closure to join two parts of a press or as a simple ornament. Available in various sizes and colors.</p>
  • Applications


    <p>Sequin applicationsSequin applications to decorate your garments. Several models to choose. to decorate your garments. Several models to choose from</p>
  • Cotton Beta

    Cotton Beta

    <p><span>100% cotton beta tape of great versatility and easy handling for any type of clothing. Available in 100 meter rolls in various colors. Good tinting quality.</span></p>
  • Bias Tape

    Bias Tape

    <p class="tw-data-text tw-text-large tw-ta" data-placeholder="Translation" id="tw-target-text" dir="ltr"><span tabindex="0" lang="en">Bies tape profiled in cotton and satin. Sizes in 18 and 30mm. Various Colors with excellent tinting quality, do not fade. Oeko-tex certificate. Its use is indicated especially for the application at the edges of the garments to be made or simply as decoration.</span></p>
  • Buttons


    <p><span>Great variety of metal buttons, glass buttons, genuine natural mother of pearl buttons, colored buttons, large colored buttons for clowns. We have a wide range of designs and sizes to make your clothes look great.</span></p>
  • Brooches


    <p>Metal brooches in different materials and sizes.</p>
  • Ribbons


    <p>Tang tape, jute tape, metal grid, double-sided satin ribbon, cotton tape, polyester tape.</p>
  • Curtain Tape

    Curtain Tape

    <p>Great variety at the best price of curtain ribbons with eyelets, barrel and honeycomb. Best quality at the best price.</p>
  • Mouse tail

    Mouse tail

    <p>Mouse tail for all types of crafts in costume jewelery such as: bracelets, pendants, ornaments ...</p> <p>Wide variety of colors.</p>
  • Cotton Cord

    Cotton Cord

    <p>Cord 100% cotton in various thicknesses. Available in various colors in rolls of 100 meters. Discounts for quantity.</p>
  • Elastic Cord

    Elastic Cord

  • Braided Cord

    Braided Cord

    <p>5mm rayon braided cord with high quality shine at the best price. Available in various colors.</p>
  • Live cord

    Live cord

    <p>100% cotton natural live lace to be wrapped in bias or fabrics of your choice.</p>
  • Zippers


    <p>Continuous zipper rolls in 5 mesh and mesh 3. Zip fasteners, invisible zippers, zipper with and without separator, fancy zipper.</p>
  • Guipure Collars

    Guipure Collars

    <p>Beautiful collars in guipure in gold / black, black and white. 10 units per pack.</p>
  • Baby collars

    Baby collars

  • Flowers


    <p>Beautiful cloth flowers, ideal for events. Different types and sizes.</p>
  • Elastic Rubber for Clothing

    Elastic Rubber for Clothing

    <p class="tw-data-text tw-ta tw-text-small" data-placeholder="Traducción" id="tw-target-text" dir="ltr"><span lang="en">Elastic braid, rubber band, rubber footwear, rubber belts, rubber band with licks.</span></p>
  • Metallic buckles

    Metallic buckles

    <p>Metal buckles with high quality finishes. gold, silver ...</p>
  • Polyester Threads

    Polyester Threads

    <p>Polyester threads, cones, coils polyester sliver coils, silk thread and foam cones in a wide variety of colors.</p>
  • Rule Kits

    Rule Kits

    <p><span>Rule kits for pattern making and confection in different materials: Flexible plastic, white methacrylate, black methacrylate ...</span></p>
  • Macrame


  • Loop Hook tape

    Loop Hook tape

  • Madroños


    <p><span>Strips / ribbons of strawberry trees of 18 meters per roll. Great color to choose. Buy madroños for crafts and clothing at the best price of haberdashery online.</span></p>
  • Furniture


  • Onduline Ric Rac

    Onduline Ric Rac

    <p>Ric Rac onduline rolls available in various colors.</p>
  • Trimmings Rayon

    Trimmings Rayon

  • Thermo-adhesive stickers

    Thermo-adhesive stickers

    <p>Personalize your clothes with heat adhesive stickers. Available in a variety of designs with outlet prices.</p>
  • Lace Edging

    Lace Edging

    <p>Wide variety of lace in various sizes and colors. Tulle and guipure of the best quality at the best price.</p>
  • Tapestry of Cañamazo

    Tapestry of Cañamazo

    <p>Our embroidery tapestries of German origin offer a wide variety of models in 100% canvas. It does not deform and allows the passage of the needle very easily.</p>
  • TNT


    <p>Buy non-woven fabric interlining (TNT) 40gr / m2 at the best price online in rolls of 50 meters. Available in two colors and from € 0.90 / meter.</p>
  • Scissors


    <p>Great variety in all types of scissors. Check our quantity discounts.</p> <p>Titanium Tre Sfere scissors.<br />Professional Serrated Scissors (ZigZag).<br />Manicure scissors<br />Nickel plated sewing scissors.<br />Tailor scissors 3 claveles.<br />Daily use scissors 2 claveles.</p>
  • Various


    <p><span>Compteur de couture, ciseaux, cadres, boutons pression, point de croix.</span></p>
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